Saturday, November 22, 2014

Most people would agree that there are rules/guidelines in interior design. They impact decisions about all sorts of things,  e.g.,  hanging lights, choosing the right scale furniture, selecting colour schemes, etc.   I guess following them is a little like following a recipe - you get a predictable result. Someone else has done all the thinking for you which makes it easy but, you also get a very generic looking space where everything looks controlled.

I always think about those generic spaces  as the "Pinterest look" . You know  the rooms, all  beautifully organized, cutely accessorized with whatever is trendy at the time, and perfectly matched.   Does that make them wrong?  Definitely not.  I firmly believe we should all live in spaces that make us happy and comfortable.   What I am saying is that there are options in design that produce interesting, one of a kind spaces that are  usually achieved by playing around with design elements and principles. They are not for everyone.

 breaking design rules, scale,

Have a close look at this space  and decide what you like or don't like about it.  Check out my thoughts  at the end of this post. There are no right or wrong answers.

 How closely you adhere to rules is dependent on what results you want to achieve, how well you understand the elements/ principles  of design,  and how creative you are at applying them.  You can do anything in decorating, you just need to act bravely, and figure out how to pull it off.  But, before you can break the rules you have to know them.
Can you spot which  rules/guidelines were  thrown to the four winds in these rooms? 
 breaking design rules, mixing styles, modern and traditional,

 breaking design rules, mixing styles, modern, traditional

 mixing metals, breaking design rules

 mixing metals, breaking design rules


breaking design rules, scale, accessories

 breaking design rules, scale


breaking design rules, monochromatic schemes, neutral schemes

 breaking design rules, neutral spaces, monochromatic schemes


breaking design rules, mixing wood tones,

 breaking design rules, mixing wood tones


breaking design rules, dark walls, small spaces

breaking design rules, small spaces, bright colours

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